Why Work with IS2

Why Work with IS2? Because you need highly quality employees and IS2 applies the Staffing Industry’s MOST Rigorous Recruitment Process to source the right employees for YOUR specific workforce:
IS2’s comprehensive screening and recruitment processes include:

  • Industry-Leading Application Screening Process
  • Comprehensive Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Office Locations Close to Our Industrial Client-Base
  • Computerized Skills Testing (over 1200 available)
  • Stringent Candidate Reference Checks
  • Customized Written Orientations
  • Customized Video Orientations
  • On-Site Employee Check-Ins

Working with IS2 means convenience.  We assume responsibility for all government remittances and tax withholdings including Federal and Provincial Income Taxes, EI, CPP and EHT as well as all Workers Compensation premiums.  T4 and ROE preparation are all included in our convenient hourly bill rate.

Most importantly, we always design highly customized and specific recruitment solutions to suit your unique workplace and to source the workforce you need:

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