Innovation & Technology

Innovation means "to change, renew, or to create more effective processes".  We've been committed to innovation since we opened our doors and know that this commitment has allowed us to sustain and grow throughout the years.  We consistently invest in meaningful service innovations to enhance engagement, payroll accuracy, on-site safety and ultimately make our customers and our employees more effective.

Here are some of the innovations and technological enhancements which make IS2 an industry leader in workforce solutions:

  • Customized On-site Video Orientations Customized video productions allow us to capture what the work is like in the most efficient manner possible.  Candidates can make a fully informed decision before accepting the job which ultimately decreases turnover.
  • On-site Employee Check-Ins We meet every candidate on their first day at the client work site.  We check them in and introduce them to their supervisor... again decreasing employee turnover.
  • Customized Industry Specific Testing Candidates who work for IS2 are put through the Industry's most comprehensive skills testing.  Testing is both industry specific and also customized to the requirements of each individual client. 
  • Real-time Salary Surveys These highly accurate surveys are sampled and produced by our local teams to keep our customers aware of economic trends and ahead of local pay rates.
  • S.E.E. Display  The Safety Education Enhancer is a simple yet innovative content-driven visual display which is set up at work-sites to enhance safety awareness.  
  • Paperless Paycheque Program  All IS2 employees are paid through direct deposit which means never missing work or spending time and money drive to the bank to deposit their paycheque.
  • Client-Employee Online Time Entry  Clients and employees can enter or approve time conveniently through our Client or Employee portals.
  • Online paystub access  Employees can view or print their pay-stubs online from any computer or mobile device.
  • VoIP Phones Internet-based phones mean we are always connected.  If your representative is at another branch or out of the office, we can connect you immediately. 
  • e-Fax  IS2's one national e-Fax number 1-888-242-6698 means we're not wasting thousands of dollars on fax paper; it means your document will be scanned and emailed to the recipient sooner.
  • Industry Leading Staffing Software When our clients need to hire a certain type of employee, we can quickly match them with a highly-qualified associate from our database through our software.
  • VMS (Vendor Management System) For high-volume workforces, IS2 can manage multiple staffing suppliers to ensure exceptional order fulfillment levels while also maintaining a single point of contact.


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