Health & Safety

IS2 is a staffing industry leader when it comes to health and safety.  We hold the following Safety Certifications:

  • Alberta COR:  IS2 achieved the Alberta COR (Certificate of Recognition) in 2005.  Our Certifying partner is the ACSA.
  • BC COR: IS2 was the very first company to achieve the BC COR (Certificate of Recognition) in 2006.  Our certifying partner is the BCCSA (formerly CSABC).
  • Ontario Safety Groups Certificate:  IS2 achieved the Safety Groups Certificate of Recognition in 2011 in Ontario.  

IS2 follows a national COR safety program and has Safety Auditors in each province.  Our Managers attend courses at recognized training facilities including the ACSA (Alberta) WSPS (Ontario), BCCSA (BC) as well as the CNESST (QC).  Our hazard assessment process allows us to identify and work with only safety conscious employers and we actively screen for and recruit candidates with proactive attitudes towards safety.

Since achieving the COR and aligning with recognized provincial safety partners we have seen injury rates decrease and benefitted from reductions to our Workers Compensation Board Insurance rates.  This is a credit to the National COR standard and the Audit process which is required to participate and hold these certifications.  CLICK HERE to learn more about COR.

These are IS2's Provincial Safety Partners & Providers.  We encourage you to visit their websites:


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