Green Initiatives

IS2 believes in recycling for a cleaner, better future. 

Here are some of our programs to reduce paper waste:

  • All Employees Paid Through Paperless Paycheques (Direct Deposit)  
  • e-Invoicing to Clients - No Paper Invoices Sent Nation-wide 
  • Online-Application Process - Employees can: Apply Here.
  • Desk-side Recycling Boxes in Branches
  • e-Fax / Paperless Fax-to-Email: 1-888-242-6698 

Here are some of our programs to reduce additional waste:

  • Toner Cartridge Recycling (All printers use recycled cartridges)
  • Landfill Products Discouraged  (IS2 offices have real cutlery & plates - no plastic) 
  • Recycling Education (as a component of our policies)

Notable IS2 Commitments:
A portion of IS2’s Marketing Materials are always printed on recycled paper.

IS2 Recycling Achievements/Awards
IS2’s Metro Vancouver branches have won awards for their commitment to their recycling program.

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